Making Genie Dreams Come True in Mira Rae

Since I’ve been dealing with belly bloat for the past year and a half, finding comfortable, stretchy clothing has been a big priority for me. I remember watching I Dream of Jeannie when I was growing up, and wanting to dress up as a genie for Halloween. Those dreams were shattered due to a situation in third grade when I was being an a$$hole and got grounded around Halloween. After that, I was too stubborn to trick or treat again, so it never happened.

While harem pants are not a new thing, they’ve recently been becoming more popular in yoga/fitness culture, so I was eager to try a pair for myself. These harem pants from Mira Rae did not disappoint! The waist band didn’t dig into my gassy belly, and the material was super flowy for unrestricted yoga movement. Not to mention, I finally felt like those childhood genie dreams were coming true.

As I’ve mentioned before, I love anything mesh. This hoodie from Mira Rae also has those little finger tab things, so I kept slipping my hands into them and pretending I was a ninja–another childhood dream costume! I paired it with their sumi crop top.

For comfort, fit, and style, I give Mira Rae an A++, and I look forward to sharing more of their clothing! If you have any little ones, they also have fitness clothing for younger girls and the cutest toddler outfits as well–including metallic leggings!

Photos: Jeff Tse

Pants: Mira Rae Maya Harem Pant

Hoodie: Ritu Mesh Hoodie 

Crop: Sumi Crop



On the Go in Noli Luna Leggings

It’s been awhile since my last post. I’m still working on getting into the groove of blogging. Since my last post, I’ve finished my 200 hour registered yoga teacher training (yay!). I’ve continued to have some ups and downs health-wise, and have been traveling a good bit, often with minimal or no wifi. Excuses, excuses, right? :p

Positano, Italy is one of my favorite places I’ve been to, and I’ll be sharing several more posts from this beautiful place. There are incredible views of the coast, a small beach area, charming shops and outdoor cafes. There are also like 1,000 steps you can climb if walking up the steep streets isn’t enough exercise for you. No, seriously–like 1,000 steps. Probably more. It’s supposed to take you like 45 minutes to do this one portion of steps there. We didn’t make it up all of them because we got lost and had to get to our dinner reservation. :p
Being comfortable is of high priority for me, especially if I’m walking around a lot, so per usual, I lived in yoga leggings much of the trip. These Luna Leggings and Aria bra from Noli Yoga were perfect for when the weather was a little warmer down at the beach, and I added one of my favorite jackets since I don’t dine in a sports bra at cafes.
relaxing in Noli Yoga
These leggings (and all pants from Noli–three cheers for consistency!) pass my “not see through test”.  I’ve also worn them for my hotel workouts and they are comfy and stretchy. While I love bright and colorful clothing, I am always a fan of more classic, simple pieces. Maybe it’s my inner goth child self that loves black, or maybe from living in NYC, but you can never go wrong with black!
Noli Yoga
Jacket: Rock & Republic
Sunglasses: Roka
Shoes: Hoka 

Do you prefer bright and poppy activewear, or simple classics?