Well-Coiffed and Bright Hues for Summer

While I usually wear minimal makeup and more neutral colors, sometimes it is a nice change of pace to wear some fun, poppy colors! Now that it is summer, I think I’ll mix up my neutrals with some shades of pink.

summer makeup from FGR

This is from a photo set from a shoot Jeff and I did in NYC with makeup artist Mary Guthrie and hair stylist Richard Keogh. Richard did some interesting twists and updos with my hair. These photos can be found at  Also, check out the teased hairstyles with the other model, Nicole on there!

hair updo ; hairstyle

Mary used some pinks and greens for this look. These are way bolder than I would have picked myself, but I think  they are really fun. I love when I get the chance to work with creative artists. As a result, her love of color has inspired me to invest in a few summer colors to play with this season!

summer beauty makeup

Whether it is makeup, food, or fitness, I think it is important to mix things up. Most of all, have fun with whatever it is that you’re doing! I’m always inspired to try new things with each change of seasons.

I’ll be sharing a second set of images from this fun and bright shoot in the near future.

Photos: Jeff Tse

Hair Stylist:  Richard Keogh

Makeup Artist: Mary Guthrie 



10 Products and Tips to Keep Your Skin Safe This Summer

Now that the temperatures are getting hotter and I’ll be outside more, I’m looking at options to keep my skin safe this summer. I have to admit, I sometimes neglect wearing sunscreen in the colder, cloudier months, but we really should be wearing SPF daily. I’ll keep that in mind this winter. :p

It’s not new news that sunscreen can help prevent skin cancer as well as damage to our skin that results in premature aging. Here are a few of my favorite products thus far this season and some common sense tips for protecting your skin!

  1. Sunscreen! I love the facial sunscreen from Beauty by Earth. It absorbs well into my skin and doesn’t leave a greasy residue. It’s also organic, cruelty free, and doesn’t contain harsh chemicals. They have regular sunscreen as well. recommends putting sunscreen on 30 minutes before sun exposure and reapplying at least every 2 hours and immediately after getting wet or sweating a lot. beauty by earth sunscreen
  2. Chapstick with SPF. Who wants painful, sunburnt, crusty lips? Not me. There are so many good ones out there, but I really like this Kiss My Face Sport Sunscreen Lip Balm when I’m outside being active.
  3. Foundation or tinted moisturizers with sunscreen. I have several favorites, but one of the ones I’ve used for years now is Bare Minerals. It is easy to reapply in layers and over top of sunscreen. bare minerals
  4. Clothes with SPF! Sometimes I don’t take this one into consideration, but many fabrics allow UV rays to pass through. If you’re going to be outside for awhile, it’s something to think about!
  5. UV blocking sunglasses. Yeah, your eyes aren’t your skin, but you want to protect them, too. recommends wearing sunglasses rated UV400 or higher with polarized lenses for maximum protection.
  6. A big floppy hat! 
  7.  Keep in mind that some medications increase sun sensitivity, as well as some topical essential oils! Found this one out the hard way. :p
  8. Remember that the sun is strongest between 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  9. Do a quick body scan each month to look for any new or strange moles, etc.
  10. Have fun outside! I just wanted to end on a happy note and make it to ten. 😀

    This swimsuit from Repainted Beachwear is made from sustainable materials!

Photos: Jeff Tse

Top: Repainted Swimwear

Jeans: Kancan

Hat: H & M