About Me

Hi! I’m Hillary, and I love fanny packs. Growing up, I rarely participated in gym class or played sports. I had asthma and was pretty clumsy (still am clumsy). My parents always had fitness magazines laying around, and I became interested in fitness and nutrition because of them. After high school, I became a personal trainer and got degrees in psychology and as a physical therapist assistant.

Eventually, I moved to NYC to work as a model and trainer. After several surgeries including a hysterectomy, developing Hashimoto’s (autoimmune thyroid disease), adrenal problems, and digestive issues attributed to leaky gut (pain, food sensitivities, bloating, massive constipation), my interests in fitness switched from a focus on aesthetics to a more integrated mind and body approach that emphasizes wellness and balance. Who cares how your butt looks if you don’t have the energy to get it out of bed, right?

Maybe you’re tired, bloated, and can’t poop either, or maybe the very idea of going to a gym and working out in front of other people fills you with so much anxiety that your pits start sweating and you feel like you might puke. I’ve been there. You don’t have to be a lifelong athlete to enjoy exercise, and eating healthy doesn’t have to mean eating bland foods. Here at Protein Pants, I will share some of my favorite activewear brands, exercises you can do at home, recipes, some travel adventures, and pictures of dogs.


B.S. Psychology 

A.A.S. Physical Therapist Assistant

ACE Certified Personal Trainer 

200 hr Registered Yoga Teacher 

Ace Certified Health Coach

Precision Nutrition Certification in Exercise Nutrition 

Ironman Certified Coach