There are so many different fitness and nutrition programs out there these days, and many of them have conflicting/super extreme/restrictive advice. It can be difficult to navigate which one might work for you, and part of that boils down to the fact that there is not a one size fits all prescription for exercise and nutrition. Every body is different, and therefore different things work for different people.

As a trainer and licensed physical therapist assistant, some of my biggest concerns with any program is whether or not it is sustainable, practical, safe, and effective. After learning the hard way with my own health, I no longer adopt a fitness philosophy of no pain no gain, or go as hard as you can–but rather one of moderation and balance that emphasizes nutrition, fitness, mind, and spirit.

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This is why I was so excited to learn about Goodshapes,  a program that is holistic in nature and strives to help you gain confidence, reach your fitness goals, build strength, increase tone, adopt a healthier concept of nutrition, practice gratitude, rest and restore, and gradually bump up training intensity while preventing risks of injury.

The Lowdown

With the program, Goodshapes provides you with two guides — one on nutrition and living well, the other your personalized workout guide. The workout guide explains in thorough, yet simple terms the different types of exercise you perform. It also includes:

  • Reasoning behind exercise and workout
  • Different levels of intensity
  • Warm Ups to get your blood pumping
  • Entire workouts that are personalized for your fitness level
  • Stretches to keep you from getting injured

Maybe it’s the rebel within me, but I don’t like to do something if I don’t know why I’m doing it–and Goodshapes does a great job at helping me understand why the workout I am doing is effective! I love that the guide has pictures with detailed descriptions of each exercise. At the end of the guide, they’ve condensed it into a mini-guide that you can easily pull up on your tablet or phone, wherever you may be.

Another plus of the Goodshapes program that I love? Since the program consists of strictly bodyweight exercises, you can do the workouts anywhere and no equipment is needed. Fitness equipment and gym memberships can be so expensive. You can do these workouts at home, outdoors, or while traveling. The workouts are 30-45 minutes in duration. They gradually increase intensity at different stages to ease you into the exercises and keep your body safe.

They also have endurance options for exercise and the program encourages you to modify as needed and listen carefully to your body. While a lot of programs put too much emphasis into one aspect of fitness, Goodshapes encourages and guides you with an array of focused activities, including power/strength, flexibility, cardio, and functional movement.

To keep you motivated and progressing, they also offer challenges throughout the program so you can amp it up and see results even faster. They recommend that you take pics before and during the program so you can see your results (every 4 weeks) – just tag #goodshapes on your pics! This isn’t a crash diet or extreme workout plan, but rather easy-to-adopt changes to your lifestyle that will lead you to looking and feeling your best.Stay on the lookout for the second part of this series – I will share with you some of my favorite recipes from  as well as some other aspects of their nutrition program!

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