May 2017


No More Dreading Jeans Shopping: Introducing Kancan Jeans

I hate jeans shopping. Hate it. I went a good year and a half without even bothering going, because I hate it so much. That’s probably why I spend so much in activewear. It’s comfortable and easy to shop for. That can’t be said about my experiences with shopping for jeans. I’ve gone to the Gap and managed to try on 17 pairs of jeans and walk out with nothing (I’d like to also add that I fold them and take them out of the fitting room–I’m not THAT obnoxious). But basically, I just hate shopping for jeans. It always leads to me feeling defeated and going and drinking like 5 teas afterwards to try to make myself feel better. 😀

Previously, I had never shopped for jeans online. The idea seemed so ludicrous to me when I can’t even find a pair in the store after trying on so many–so I couldn’t believe it when I got a pair of jeans online from Kancan and they ACTUALLY FIT. Not only do they fit, but they are comfortable and I actually like how they look! I guess it’s safe to say that I will now occasionally be wearing something other than leggings!

I look forward to trying more of their denim styles out and I’m also relieved that I won’t have to go to a store and try on heaps of jeans. I styled these with my trusty Stan Smiths, this simple crop top, and this adorable sea otter purse from Bungalow 360 that I’m obsessed with made from sustainable materials!

Photos: Jeff Tse

Jeans: Kancan USA

Bag: Bungalow 360

Shoes: Adidas 

Have you ever done your jeans shopping online?  Try out these Kancan jeans yourself with code 116HH to get 20% off the entire site between now and 6/18/17.  



Temple Flower: Floral and Mesh in Positano

This season, I’m really loving mesh details on my activewear, and I hope mesh is here to stay. I love these floral and mesh pants from Temple Flower. They passed my test of being made from a material that isn’t see-through (isn’t it weird that this even needs to be criteria for women’s clothing?! If I wanted to wear pantyhose to the gym, I’d wear pantyhose, you know?) and they are plenty stretchy enough for comfort and movement.

I have been wearing this pullover shirt so much–it is comfy for wearing on the plane, makes a great swim pullover when it is a little chilly out, and it is fabulous to wear during my yoga practice and while running errands. I like that it is longer (perfect for when you’re in certain yoga postures) and has drawstrings at the bottom. Basically, for the last two weeks, I’ve mostly just been taking it off to wash. 😀

Jeff and I shot these in Positano, Italy, which is now one of my favorite spots. I have several more posts to share about Positano in the near future. <3

Temple Flower makes their clothing in LA, and their vision and philosophy is as beautiful as their clothing. You can read more about how they give back here.

Photos: Jeff Tse

Wardrobe: Temple Flower 

Shoes: Hoka 

Have you been enjoying the mesh trend?

On the Go in Noli Luna Leggings

It’s been awhile since my last post. I’m still working on getting into the groove of blogging. Since my last post, I’ve finished my 200 hour registered yoga teacher training (yay!). I’ve continued to have some ups and downs health-wise, and have been traveling a good bit, often with minimal or no wifi. Excuses, excuses, right? :p

Positano, Italy is one of my favorite places I’ve been to, and I’ll be sharing several more posts from this beautiful place. There are incredible views of the coast, a small beach area, charming shops and outdoor cafes. There are also like 1,000 steps you can climb if walking up the steep streets isn’t enough exercise for you. No, seriously–like 1,000 steps. Probably more. It’s supposed to take you like 45 minutes to do this one portion of steps there. We didn’t make it up all of them because we got lost and had to get to our dinner reservation. :p
Being comfortable is of high priority for me, especially if I’m walking around a lot, so per usual, I lived in yoga leggings much of the trip. These Luna Leggings and Aria bra from Noli Yoga were perfect for when the weather was a little warmer down at the beach, and I added one of my favorite jackets since I don’t dine in a sports bra at cafes.
relaxing in Noli Yoga
These leggings (and all pants from Noli–three cheers for consistency!) pass my “not see through test”.  I’ve also worn them for my hotel workouts and they are comfy and stretchy. While I love bright and colorful clothing, I am always a fan of more classic, simple pieces. Maybe it’s my inner goth child self that loves black, or maybe from living in NYC, but you can never go wrong with black!
Noli Yoga
Jacket: Rock & Republic
Sunglasses: Roka
Shoes: Hoka 

Do you prefer bright and poppy activewear, or simple classics?