February 2017


Where the Heck Should I Put My Phone During My Run?

I use my phone for a lot of things, one of which is running. While running, I currently use several apps–Strava to record my run, Amazfit to also track my pace, and Spotify so I can stay motivated by listening to some of my favorite music. A lot of times I wear a hydration pack for my runs , so I can toss my phone in there. Sometimes I don’t want the extra bulk, but I don’t want to hold my phone or risk dropping it.  Have you ever shattered your phone screen? Such a sad tragic moment as you clumsily try to catch it while watching in horror as the photo of your dog as your screensaver shatters before your eyes. I am loving my new SlimClip phone case because it clips right onto my pants and then I’m ready to go. 

I took it out on a run the other day, and it is also perfect for carrying my phone around  at the gym. I hate setting my phone down for fear that someone will drop a weight on it or something, but I want to be able to stream music (the gym I usually go to plays country music–not exactly inspiring for workouts). It’s also pretty gross to set your phone down at the gym–lots of nasty germs and man sweat dripping all over the floor (not that I’m being sexist about men sweating, as women sweat, too. Man, is this what being politically correct means?) While I love my fanny packs, sometimes it’s nice to have a little less stuff to carry around. 🙂

Photos: Jeff Tse 

Pants and top: Lululemon 

Shoes: Asics

Phone Case: SlimClip 

Watch: Pace by Amazfit 

Sunglasses: Roka

*Content sponsored by Slimclip. All opinions expressed are my own.*

Do you have difficulty  figuring out what to do with your phone when you’re active?

Black Lace for Valentine’s Day

Generally when I think about Valentine’s Day, I think of pink and red. Maybe the little goth girl inside me is still screaming out, but I prefer black. I got this black lace bodysuit from the Italian brand Intimissimi . Not only do they have amazing lingerie, but they also have some really cute tops and other clothing on their website.

I love the back details on this, and I’ve worn it  under other tops to add more feminine details to looks on those rare occasions when I’m not dressed in yoga pants and sports tops. Ok, fine–I wore it under another shirt once, but I’d do it again.

For this shoot, I worked with photographer Sophia Liu. Sophia is also a college student at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to learn more about what inspires her as an artist.

Photographer: Sophia Liu 

Bodysuit: Intimissimi 

Anyone else dig black for Valentine’s Day?

Fabletics Fanny Pack Fridays

Hip, hip, hooray–Fabletics made a fanny pack, and it’s Fri-day!

I love fanny packs because they are so convenient, especially when traveling. I save a lot of time when I’m back in NYC  by whipping my metro card out of my fanny pack instead of digging through my purse for it. They are also awesome for easy access to documents at the airport.

In addition to being convenient, they are also great because having the bag around your hips takes the load off of your shoulder. Carrying around a heavy purse can be hard on your shoulder and neck. When I was working as a physical therapist assistant, one of the first things we’d do with a female patient with neck/shoulder pain is check out how heavy her purse was. I’m also a fan of fanny packs because one of my *many* fears is getting strangled by my purse because of a mugger, so it’s less likely to happen with a fanny pack (that got dark quickly–I’ve seen too many shows on the Investigation Discovery channel).

Anyway, I was pretty stoked to see that Fabletics came out with a fanny pack. If you aren’t familiar with Fabletics, they offer a VIP rewards program with great discounts each month. Kate Hudson is co-founder and they have a lot of fun prints and details on their fitness clothing. I got a nice bright red fanny pack and matched it with a red sports bra from them and pants with a really fun pattern. I’m not a very good tennis player, so hopefully the bright pattern will distract my opponent. Regardless, I get an awesome workout whenever I play tennis because  I’m running all over the court to retrieve the ball because of my lack of hand/eye coordination (trying to put a positive spin on a weakness here). Never let the fact that you suck at an activity stop you from trying and having some fun with it!

Tennis is tiring. ZZZZZZ

Photos: Jeff Tse

Wardrobe: Fabletics

Shoes: Adidas 

Would you rock this fanny pack?